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Built from scratch in 2006, “alexsmolik” is now a multi-platform network connecting a large community of car enthusiasts around the world. Active on most major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc…), “alexsmolik” has now become a worldwide major source for online car-related content.
For over 10 years, the network has steadily grown and turned into a point of contact for petrolheads. As of today, well exceeding 4,400,000 fans and followers, the “alexsmolik” network has without a doubt a large audience. But it is also a targeted audience: more than 60% of the community is in the 18-35 age range, and composed mostly of men (+90%). It is also an active community, with a high engagement rate.

The network’s growth & success relies on many factors, ranging from commitment to interacting, to event attendance as well as the number of posts during a given period. As an example, in November 2015, more than 73 million people were reached by my posts on Facebook alone, with over 111 million impressions. With over 520k monthly impressions on Instagram.

Advertising with the alexsmolik network offers you a broad and extensive list of services to meet your needs. It is a modern and very efficient way to give you or your business visibility. Indeed, our main objective is to give you exposure, using the full array of tools at our disposal. It is a modern and effective alternative to achieve your goals in today’s digital world. Together, as a team, we can discuss tailored-made solutions to fit your goals and needs, and achieve the best results.